Ella, a Trim heifer, AKA the herd babysitter.

JJ, Imperial heifer. Very sweet, pretty girl

Keskey, Tina’s baby boy, and Bayak Obama at play

Val and her 2010 baby girl, Schroeder.

Obama at the door, begging for a bottle

Sweets, a Grey-Nose Black cow

Tina, an Imperial cow, and queen leader

Hariti (on the left) and Zelda with their baby boys, Kenny and Dash

Norbhu, a Royal bull born in 2010 from Zelda.


Meet some of our Yaks!

Zelda and her Royal baby bull, Norbhu

King Raven, an Imperial bull (solid black with black nose)

Amon swinging and watching his yaks

Kitsi the yakcicle


Tail up, chasing the dog

What snow?

Macy and yaks hangin’ out in the South Pasture.