The Katahdins

Our family loves lamb!  We decided to purchase a few breeder sheep so that we could raise our own lamb meat, once again having control over how the meat is produced.  We did not want to have to shear, so we chose a breed of hair sheep called Katahdin.  Katahdins are a heritage breed.  They shed their hair, like dogs, when the weather turns warm.  They are more disease and parasite resistant than some of their woolly counterparts.   We have some beautiful, hardy animals, I think. 


We are able to raise them on mostly forage/hay, and we have not had to administer antibiotic to anyone yet.  This is another meat that our family is able to produce right here on the farm.  We know exactly what goes into our meat, and that’s a wonderful thing.  Just like our other ‘meat animals’, our lambs are named, given affection and provided with occasional treats.  Our philosophy is that every animal deserves to live a happy life, no matter what their destiny may be.  Whether they are a breeder or a meat animal, they are pampered and loved.


Lambing season is a particularly pleasurable time of year.  Seeing a new mom bond with her little ones is just so precious.  It’s amazing how quickly these little ones get up and about, and even start playing right away!

One of Black Betty’s twins-2011

Shannon and Bella

Lambs lookin’ for a handout

Amon and Little Charlie

Black Betty and one of her babies

Gordita wants to know if I have a treat for her.