The Poultry

In addition to providing antibiotic-free, HGH-free eggs and meat to our family, poultry is  easy and fun to raise.  I enjoy having a ‘rainbow flock’, one that consists of many different breeds.  We have chickens that lay blue eggs, green ones, brown ones and pink ones.  We have chickens that have feathers on their feet that look like fancy slippers.  We have miniature hens and great big ones.  Jarhead, our rooster, looks out for them all.  He’s very sweet to us, but he’s quick to alert the flock of a hawk flying overhead.  Sometimes he will jump up on a fence, flapping his wings and daring something to come in to mess with his ladies.


In support of rare breeds, heritage breeds and the slow food movement, we raise Cayuga ducks.  The meat that this breed produces is the best duck meat I’ve ever had.  If prepared medium rare, the breasts taste similar to a sirloin steak.  They are beautiful birds, too, and do not fly away.  They take longer to grow than the typical commercial varieties, but the wait is well worth it.  I plan to keep Cayugas on our farm for many years to come.


This year, we are going to add a few heritage turkeys to our farm.  We will have a few Bourbon Reds and a few Narragansetts.  We’ll be sure to post pictures this Summer.  The turkey chicks are due to arrive in June.

A few of the Cayugas .  So pretty!

Big Mama.  She chose to adopt some of the chicks that I had hatched out in the  incubator.

This past Summer we would let the ducks out to play during the day.  In the evening, they would all waddle up in a sort of duck parade, to be put away for the night.

Blackbeard the Ameracauna on the left.  She lays light blue eggs.  Diva the Cochin on the right.  We keep her for her princess slippers.

Jarhead, King of the chickens.  What a stud.

Some of the chickens, asleep for the night.

A few of the ducklings after hatching out.  THEY’RE SO FLUFFY!!!

The Duck palace.