About Us

We are Tom and Cayce Kelly.† In May of 2009, we began our Yak venture.

Tom was living in a condo on a golf course in a pristine community when we met.† Although it was quite comfortable, Tom knew that one day he would want to have a bit of land, and maybe some animals.† I grew up on a cattle ranch in Oklahoma, in a small town where my grandfather owned the local feed store.† Lifeís journeys had taken me far from country living, but I knew that one day I would want to get back to it.

We bought a puppy shortly after getting married.† Sheís a Goldendoodle named Macy.† Macy started this whole thing by making us realize that we needed something with more of a yard than what the 14th hole provided.†

One Sunday we were out for a drive and we found a precious little 100-year-old fieldstone farmhouse that was for sale.† It sat on almost ten acres, with a creek running through.† It was love at first sight.† We were given a copy of a letter that was written by a lady who had grown up here.† She moved here with her family in 1919, when she was five years old.† In her letter, she talked about how her parents renovated the house and the property, and how the fieldstones were hauled in from the pastures and mounted one by one.† Reading that letter made us feel even more drawn to the house.† We vowed that we would cherish and care for this home and property just as† her family did 100 years ago.†

As soon as we purchased the farm, we began to research the types of animals that we wanted to have.† With only ten acres, the choices were limited.† I wanted something that could possibly pay itís own way.† That left horses out.† Ten acres isnít enough for traditional cattle, so that was out, too.† On a hobby farm webpage, I discovered Tibetan Yak.† I approached Tom with the idea, and we ran with it.† What began as an amusing idea soon became a fascinating reality.

We purchased a herd of eight yaks from a farm in Wisconsin.† Shortly after, we purchased another eight from a farm in Idaho.† We hope to raise them and market their meat locally.† In addition to the yaks, we have Katahdin sheep, chickens of various breeds, and Pekin and Cayuga ducks.† Molly McGuire, an Irish Setter, joined our family so now Macy has a sister.†

Only one of our seven children lives with us full time, but all seven are in and out at various times.† Our new life brings boundless gifts to each of us, and we are grateful for the opportunity to experience it.† Life on the farm is completely different than life on the 14th Hole!† We wouldnít trade it for the world.

Tom and I have fallen in love with the idea of self sustained living.† We are constantly learning.† Our garden was a fun experience this past Summer, and we canít wait to do it bigger and better next time!† We love to listen and learn.† Feel free to contact us with your thoughts and experiences.





Contact:† info@mi-yak.com